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I would like to see bowls in other great venues.

Looking at the bowl games this year; I once again ponder the idea of what would happen if we could play these games in other cities and venues around the U.S.?  Can you imagine if some of the bowls games could be played in places like Lambeau Field, Soldier Field, Neyland Stadium, Death Valley, and of course Ohio Stadium.  It would bring a whole new respect to northern style football and it would so much more fun to visit new places each year.  I know this for fact because OSU went to Glendale, Arizona 3 out 4 years in the early 03, 04, 06 and then again in 09.  Yes, our fans travel well, but give them something to look forward to rather than the same old place over and over again.  Frown

With all the great stadiums in the US, think about how much more fun the fans would have if they got to experience other college towns they may not normally get to visit through their teams given seasons.  So what I thought I would do is give an alternative place for the bowl games to be held.  I will give you the place and some reasons, but mostly because they would be central for both teams and the place I picked has some type of allure for true fans.  If you are from the south and don't want to be cold, stay down there and watch on tv, because there are plenty of other people that will fill those stadiums for the true love of good football, not just the weather. Cry

  1. Oregon/Auburn - The Championship is a matchup that is perfectly located.  Each city has about the same distance to travel and it's far enough away from both to make it an fair site.  
  2. Ohio State/Arkansas - The Sugar Bowl matchup is nowhere near where it should be.  I came up with two great locations for this game.  For the locations of the two schools, I thought Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee or Soldier Field in Chicago.  Both venues are historic and both places have a huge amount of attractions for fans to enjoy.  What a great game either one of those places would put on. 
  3. Virginia Tech/Stanford - The Orange bowl isn't fair at all.  Not only does Stanford have a smaller following than most big time schools, they are entirely too far away from Florida.  Why not put this game in Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium or even the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  Both places have their positives, but Texas Memorial is a college town and would host a great game, and Dallas Cowboys Stadium is the most technologically cool stadiums in the world now, so it would be very entertaining too.
  4. Oklahoma/Uconn - I hate the location of Glendale, Arizona for this one.  This would be a great opportunity for Columbus, Ohio to host a bowl game.  It is a great college town, with a highly modernized city, and many attractions for fans to enjoy.  If you think I'm being a homer for this one, how about Pittsburgh.  Even though it is known as a steel city, the fact is, it too is one of the most modernized cities in America and it has Heinz Field, one of the newest stadiums in America. 
  5. Wisconsin/TCU - I cannot think of a better place for this game.  It is located about as equally far away from each school, but the excitement of this classic game will trump it being closer to both schools.  Most teams would travel from anywhere in the US to play in the Grand daddy of them all, so we will let that one be for now.  Great matchup too.
  6. Michigan St/Alabama - What a potentially great games for the 2010-2010 bowl season.  It will be played in Orlando, Florida.  Other than Disney, there isn't really any football tradition in this town.  Why not play this one in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.  The city if full of attractions for fans to enjoy and it's a great stadium.  For those southerners who don't like the cold, it will be inside, so you can come to this one.  Wink
  7. Penn St./Florida - Here we go again, right in Florida's back yard.  This one is being played in Tampa, Florida.  How about we move this one in Neyland Stadium.  I said early maybe the OSU/Arkansas game could be played there, but let's put this game in Tennessee.  Both teams would have a huge turnout and it holds 102,459 fans, so I think there will be enough room for this OK game. 
Not all bowl games are that far off.  Here's a list of bowls that got it right. 
  1. BBVA compass bowl   Pitt/Kentucky
  2. Cotton Bowl - Texas A&M/LSU
  3. Chick-fil-A Bowl - Florida St./S. Carolina
  4. Sun Bowl - Miami Fl/Notre Dame
  5. Holiday Bowl - Washington/Nebraska
  6. Alamo Bowl - Arizona/Oklahoma St.
  7. Insight Bowl - Missouri/Iowa    equally as far away.  Could have been in a closer location, but both are travelling a long way.
Some bowls are ridiculous and should not be allowed.  Here are some homer bowls. 
  1. Ticketcity bowl - Northwestern/Texas Tech.
  2. Outback Bowl - Penn St/Florida          As stated above!
  3. Texas Bowl - Illinois/Baylor
  4. Little Caesars Bowl - Toledo/Florida International
  5. Hawaii Bowl - Hawaii/Tulsa         If I was Tulsa, I may not complain too much though!
  6. Poinsettia Bowl (in San Diego)- San Diego St./Navy 
Overall I love the bowl season because of the football being played, but I still would love to visit other places throughout the US to see my given team triumph in their bowl game.  We shouldn't be so narrow minded to think that college football games can only be played south of the 38th parallel.  Let's spread out our football and see the country for all it's worth.  Laughing

Let me know what you think and where you would put some of these games if you have some other great locations in mind. 
Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:09 pm

Let's Play Some Bowl Games Up North!!!!!!

   What a game it would be between Florida and Oklahoma in Ohio Stadium, under the lights, with 104,000 people in attendance.  Columbus would be rocking, Lane Ave.  would have the Danger Brothers playing for the Tailgaters, Grills would be out if full capacity, Beer would flow like the mighty Mississippi, and to top it all off, we would have 8 inches of snow and it would be around -6 degrees.  This is real football at it's finest!     

            I know that people don't want to travel to cold weather for bowl games, but can you imagine the differences in the game.  The atmosphere would be great for real football players, not the prissy girls that play on some of those southern state teams.  It would be a power game in which I still think Florida would win, but I don't know.  I guess the problem for me is that we will never get the chance to actually see it.  It ticks me off that we have to go all over the country to play in other teams back yards.  It's rediculous USC has to play 11 minutes from their campus every year.  Florida plays a couple of hours from the Orange Bowl.  LSU played us in New Orleans.  Come On???

               It is perfectly fine that they can play that close to their locations but why not places like Columbus, or for you SEC fans, Tennessee, or maybe the traditional Notre Dame.  Even though I hate to say it why not the toilet bowl in Michigan.   You are talking about esteemed programs with great traditional venues, that hold a heck of a lot more people in their stadiums, and they don't get a chance for any revenue from these big bowl games.  Some kids grow up wanting to play on the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, so why not play there?  These awesome and very unique stadiums have little appeal to the non-traditional football fans and teams.  I wish they would give it a chance and share the wealth in the country from these bowl games.

              If you think about the money that is made from these games.  Here are just a few of the major industries that clean up during these games.

  1. Motels and Hotels
  2. Food/Bars Businesses 
  3. Tourism/Travel Agencies
  4. Street Venders
  5. College Stores
  6. Advertizing Agencies
  7. Parking
  8. Night Life/Strip Joints
  9. And in Las Vegas (Prostitution)

            If they ever go to a playoff system, I hope they give the Northern schools a chance to host one of the major bowl games, because I truly think people are missing out on playing in some great venues throughout the country, not just in the ones in the southern states.


A Loyal Fan Of "The Ohio State Buckeyes"   NCAAF - Ohio State Buckeyes

PS.  Not a loyal fan of "The Big Ten", I actually root for one team, not all of them.

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